Kat Valenzuela

Kat’s involvement in the ceramic arts began in her teens when she lived in Lethbridge and participated in community throwing classes. While she always was drawn towards the arts, Kat was particularly pulled in by the organic nature of clay and the feel of it in her hands. She continued her studies through the ceramic arts program at SIAST in Prince Albert, SK.

She returned to Medicine Hat and began working at Plainsman Clay. It was during this time she began to learn and appreciate the "science" behind ceramics.  Kat has been fortunate to be a part of the "lifecycle" of the clay- from participating in the mining process, refining of the raw clay body, sculpting and throwing to final bisque and glaze firing.

“I like to envision how people will interact with the pieces; how my work will be held in other people’s hands and how food will be presented. I want the work to enhance the users experience and bring an extra enjoyment to the everyday ritual of eating.  There is something intimate about the handmade.  Someone has touched each piece with care and there is a little bit of them in each creation. It really is a personal endeavour; you have to be determined and be ready for failure and for success too. The reward is the potential of the process - bringing life to something that never existed; that clump of clay from the ground is now a beautiful bowl that is used at a family table. That just makes me excited and keeps me eager to see what else I can create”

To learn more about Kat visit her website katvalenzuela.com