Juliana Rempel

Juliana Rempel is a Ceramic Artist based in Calgary.  Born in Medicine Hat, Juliana attended Emily Carr University in Vancouver, where she received her Bachelor of Visual Arts degree.  She then attended Cardiff School of Art and Design in Wales, UK where she completed her Masters in Ceramics.

Using Plainsman clay, Juliana makes simple forms reminiscent of mid century designs with block colors that alternate positions around the pieces creating playful dish sets. 

Her own cupboard is full of pottery she's collected over the years, allowing her to choose the right mug or bowl for the right use on the right day!  She strives to create this same feeling with her own sets.

Juliana's passion for making pottery stems from her belief that we remember an instance through the details that surround it and we experience life through the objects that honour it.

To see more of Juliana's work, visit her website at julianarempel.com