Ruth Adams

Ruth Adams grew up in Cornwall, UK and is still influenced by the colours of the coast and the shapes of the architecture there. While in the UK she studied Fine Arts at Exeter University and graduated with high honours. She immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 2004. There she lived on a beautiful lake surrounded by trees where there was an abundance of wildlife to inspire her every day. While in Ontario she worked as a production potter where she greatly improved uniformity and speed in her thrown work.

Relocating to Medicine Hat in August 2018 has been hugely inspiring. Not only is Ruth inspired by the beautiful colours of the vast landscape and skies here, but also the art community and the rich history of the clay district. 

Ruth’s art is always autobiographical and mostly wheel thrown. It is a physical manifestation of her experiences and emotions. She is influenced by what she finds beautiful in her environment. She expresses her aspirations and describes her connections to the people she cares about through form and decoration.

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