Craig Fawcett

My love affair with clay and the wheel began in junior high school and continues to this day. I love the endless possibilities a box of clay holds.

I am basically self-taught, experimenting with different techniques until I found what worked for me. I spent my younger years as a   production potter working in the studios of several well known Calgary potters who introduced me to production potter techniques. Because of this I tend to throw in large quantities and then add individuality by combining hand built elements, textures and rich overlapping layers of colour.

Being a bit of a free spirit, I often don't know what I am going to create until I sit down and get a feel for the clay. I love the metamorphic process as a lump is transformed into a cylinder and  ultimately into a bowl, mug or pot.

My work has been featured in several museum exhibits and galleries.

Overall, I hope to keep 'getting my hands dirty' for many years to come because for me, a box of clay truly holds endless possibilities.

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