Lorraine Belanger

Lorraine Belanger has been a Medicine Hat resident since 2015.  She originally is from Saskatchewan but has lived in many places across Southern Alberta over the past 30 years.

Lorraine's pottery journey began by checking off a bucket list item with a lesson and a bucket of clay in Arizona in 2018.  At that time, there was no specific goal or vision beyond focusing on the clay on the wheel at that moment and creating anything other than a muddy donut.  In some respects, very little has changed as pottery still provides an opportunity to focus very simply on the potential of a singular mound of damp molecules after they are subjected to motion, pressure and heat.

Her work tends to gravitate to creating unique textures while the wheel is spinning with a primary goal of producing interesting & conversation starting pieces.  Though there is similarity among pieces, no two are expected to be identical but often complement each other in size and shape.

Her small home studio provides a happy place where every piece still provides a bit of a surprise when the wheel stops spinning or when the kiln is opened.  The hope is the simple joy in making each piece also extends to the purchaser with each use.  Enjoy!