Annette ten Cate

Annette ten Cate is a ceramic artist living in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

She studied at Sheridan College in Ontario and graduated from the Ceramics program with high honours before doing a year-long residency at Medalta Potteries. Following her residency she decided to stay and live in Medicine Hat.

Annette starts her process by forming the clay by hand and works hollow  from the beginning. Her forms are mostly sculptured and are made using red earthenware clay body. After hand-forming, the pieces are finished with ceramic underglaze and hand-carved. Annette enjoys using clay as a form of narrative expression and often works with pieces in groupings to create vignettes. She is currently drawn to local wild life and is influenced by folk art stylings that inform the decoration of her work.

To see more of Annette’s work, please visit her website at